4 Ways to Get Professional Development as a Teletherapist

4 Ways to Get Professional Development as a Teletherapist

professional development as a teletherapist

As a professional in the field of education, it is important to keep up with your professional continuing education hours (CEUs) for your license and certification, as well as for staying up-to-date on resources, materials, and evidence-based practices to use in your classroom or sessions. Professional development as a teletherapist is just as important when you are working in an online setting. We have compiled a few ways to get the hours you need! 

Get Professional Development as a Teletherapist or Educator


Attend Day Seminars 


Even though you might not leave the home office for your daily sessions and lessons, you can still attend seminars or lectures that are “out of the office”. These may not pertain directly to teletherapy, but you can always use any ideas, techniques or new practices in your sessions, since teletherapy is really no different than in-person therapy. And sometimes it is nice to venture out of the office for a day!


Listen to Podcasts

If you love earning your hours at home, but need something you can listen to while you cook dinner, prep your sessions, or just want some time away from the screen, there are podcasts that you can listen to for CEU credit. These can give you some new tools to use with your students and broaden the scope of the field you are working in. 


Utilize Online Resources 

Since you are already at your computer working, you are set up perfectly to do some continuing education online. There are a ton of sites that offer courses on therapy ideas and techniques for professional education. There are even some that offer courses on how to get started in teletherapy, what it’s like working in teletherapy, and materials to use, such as the 2-part course series from our Founder Diana Parafiniuk and E-Therapy SLP Sara Smith

A few other favorites include:



Participate in E-Therapy Webinars 

You can get professional development as a teletherapist, and learn a TON about teletherapy and more in our E-Therapy webinars. 


As a therapist or counselor with E-Therapy, you get access to some of our E-Therapy professional development webinars, to help you get some resources to use in your sessions and with our platforms. 

This year we are also offering webinars to ANY therapists or educators that want to learn more, starting with our first webinar in February! 

You can learn more about it and sign up here: Ready Set Assess for Success! Feb 21st at 11:30am PT/2:30pm ET. 

We’ll have more to offer throughout the year as well.


Professional Development as a teletherapist is easy to come by, and exciting, when you are in the teletherapy field. Just open a new window on your computer and start learning, or take a day to get out of your home office and learn with others in the field. You’ll be ready to jump into your next teletherapy session with new ideas and fresh materials your students will love. 



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Want to join our team of therapists? Send us your info here and check out our current job openings. 

To schedule a DEMO for your school, check out our schedule here or contact us.

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  1. Please let me know if you’re offering any teletherapy professional development opportunities for speech and language during the summer of 2020.

    1. We will offer some on-demand webinars starting next week. Professional development hours such as the ones we offer on demand are often applicable for continuing ed credits with most certifications and licensures, but you will need to keep a copy of your certificate and can check with your specific licensing board for more details as needed. The hours earned do not reflect a specific type of CEUs (such as ASHA CEUs). Rather, it is general professional development credit that can be applied for various disciplines.

      Look for notices on our social media channels like Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/ETherapyServices/

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