Anxiety Awareness for Administrators and Teachers

Anxiety Awareness for Administrators and Teachers

Among many changing climates among schools and administrators, it’s important to recognize when you need to take a break. Because the signs and symptoms of anxiety can vary greatly, we want to give you a go-to mental checklist to be able to work through when feelings come up while doing the important job that you do. 

Anxiety likely isn’t the root of the problem, making it all that more important to recognize that it’s a response to your reality. What is really going on? Where are these feelings coming from? Are you being pushed at work? Are you dealing with challenging students? Do you feel like you can’t do enough in a day? Likely each administrator and teacher has experienced thoughts and feelings of anxiety at some point in their career. 

Is it normal?

Yes! Even Dr. Gene Beresin says “experiencing anxiety is normal,” and explains that “a certain amount of anxiety can even be helpful.” While we are not encouraging you to feel this way, allowing the anxiety that may come up to be a catalyst for change and for reflection is a positive way to address the feelings that arise. Plus, you are not alone! Nearly one in five Americans over 18 experience anxiety.

How do you recognize it?

Often anxiety is characterized by feelings of dread, lessened self worth, fear or worry about yourself, loved ones or career, physical symptoms such as a racing heart or difficulty concentrating or even sleep problems. Sometimes symptoms appear as a result of a traumatic event, challenge at work, or may slowly appear over time. 

How do you deal with it?

There are many at-home and personal solutions to help you navigate day-to-day stress and anxiety. We’ve detailed some of our favorite ways of dealing with overwhelm and anxiety and want to share them here for you to take what you need. Here’s a good list to keep handy:

  • Yoga
  • Get a massage
  • Take 10
  • Eat something yummy
  • Three deep breaths
  • Do your best
  • Take a walk
  • Jam out
  • Mantras
  • Exercise
Among our favorite stress relieving tactics are meditation & mindfulness, by simply taking a moment out of your day to refocus and recenter can be a huge help to diminishing tough feelings. By breathing deeply and coming back to your body, often it signals to our brain to relax. Taking a moment to pay attention to ourselves is a long trusted method of calming down when we are in a worrisome moment. 

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