Check Out  Our New E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum!

Check Out  Our New E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum!

E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum
When you are working and living in a “virtual” world, there can be a lot of benefits. More flexibility, less commute, able to work with people from all over globe, and even less exposure to illnesses and germs. As wonderful as it is, there can often be a feeling that connections are lost or that you don’t have a co-worker, colleague or other community member to reach out to with questions. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way, thanks to the E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum

E-Therapy is taking the big step towards helping people within the teletherapy setting find more connection, whether you are a therapist, educator, school admin, or parent, via the Hot Topics Forum. This forum is designed to help you get and stay connected, providing all the resources and community that you need, within the virtual, online world. 


What is the E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum and how can I take advantage of it?

E-Therapy’s forum is a community space for educators, therapists, parents and administrators to share ideas, learn best practices, ask questions, and get answers about teletherapy and special education related services.

In the forum, you’ll find categories full of topics that you might have questions about or answers to. You can ask new questions in the forum, share your expertise, or simply make a connection with others by sharing a useful piece of information, a tool or a resource. It is designed to be your go-to for answers to the questions you have about resources, activities, how to hold meetings or sessions, how to deal with emergency situations and closures, etc. 

You can use it as your “go-to” place when you are in need or when you have something useful to share. You can also use it as a daily “check-in” to see what the latest news is, how others are using teletherapy, and share any new information you might have. In essence, it’s a community. 


In the words of E-Therapy founder, Diana Parafiniuk…

“The possibilities for information sharing, raising awareness and access to therapy tools, and best practices within the teletherapy field are infinite with this new community forum! E-Therapy’s Hot Topics Forum is social media platform that is independent from data monetization, and is 100% ad free. This allows broader participation and inclusion, and allows our members to see only the content they want.”


How can I access E-Therapy’s forum?

The E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum is open to anyone in the therapy field or educational community. Educators, therapists, school admins, and parents are all welcome to come to the forum! You’ll find that many topics are shared by all, and there are also many that are specific to each of you. No matter who you are, you’ll find your place within the forum.

Ready to check it out? Click below to see the topics that are trending now, and join the conversation by posting a question or a comment on someone else’s question!


E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum


Have more questions? Check out our E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum FAQs to learn more!

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