Keep E-Therapy In Your Back Pocket For Next School Year

Keep E-Therapy In Your Back Pocket For Next School Year

E-Therapy teletherapy services

E-Therapy Teletherapy Services Offers Certainty For The Upcoming School Year

By: Diana Parafiniuk

To all school administrators, SPEDs and teachers, who transitioned to remote online and teletherapy these last few months: you did an amazing job!

We know how stressful and overwhelming this time must be, with so much uncertainty and confusion. The truth is, no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone, how to plan for the reopening of our schools in the fall. We know that you are actively strategizing, to be prepared for whatever situation you find yourselves in.

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Teletherapy that’s flexible

Please know that E-Therapy can support your Related Services and that we have you covered. Our teletherapy model and platform is built to be flexible, in order to accommodate each Special Education program. We want to alleviate your stress; to make it easier for you to face all the unknowns in the fall.

E-Therapy has helped hundreds of schools across the nation with teletherapy for the past 11 years. We bring online therapy services to students throughout the country, in every possible setting.

E-Therapy offers direct teletherapy or a platform for your own therapists

You can keep us in your back pocket and deploy E-Therapy, when and if you need teletherapy. There is no commitment to do anything before your needs are realized.

We offer direct related services and/or a flexible, comprehensive teletherapy platform your district can license. Our eSMART Teletherapy Platform, which comes with individualized teletherapy training for your school-based therapists, can support your needs if you have to swiftly transition again to remote services.

Like a handy Swiss army knife, when you keep E-Therapy in your back pocket, you have access to a dynamic flexible teletherapy tool. E-Therapy provides security and eliminates stress, when you need to find therapists in a pinch.

ezBELL for quick help

To make things even easier for you, we introduced our new ezBELL notification system. Just ring our ezBELL for quick assistance when you need therapists.

E-Therapy can ease the transition if you close again

After the school year starts, if you find that you must transfer your services online; E-Therapy’s eSMART platform makes a seamless transition for your team of therapists and providers. There is no minimum caseload requirement or cost to get set up! You only pay for the services you need.

Keep E-Therapy in your back pocket

We hope you will let us take some of the burden off your shoulders and ease your mind about how to provide the online Related Services your school requires next school year. Now, during summer break, is the ideal time to meet with us and get your district set up!

Please let us know how we can help. Set up a quick info call with our team by clicking Contact Us. We can answer questions about our direct teletherapy services and our eSMART Platform license.



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