Free Mental Health Webinar Recording Available Now: Ready, Set, ASSESS for SUCCESS!

Free Mental Health Webinar Recording Available Now: Ready, Set, ASSESS for SUCCESS!

mental health webinar


Mental Health continues to be one of the biggest areas of need for our schools today. E-Therapy hosted the mental health webinar: Ready, Set, ASSESS for SUCCESS: A Counselor Shares Which Assessment Addresses Your Student’s Needs, with speaker Makisha Gunty, LMSW. 

During this 1 hour on-demand mental health webinar, Makisha presents various free assessments that counselors and Special Educators can use to obtain measurable data in order to create goals for their students with mental and behavioral health needs. The webinar includes case studies, assessment examples, and practical information about where to find and use these assessments. During the E-Therapy webinar, Maksiha also demonstrates how to collect data and share it with the school team, in order to demonstrate students’ successes and challenges. 

mental health webinar

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:

  • Interpret assessment results that demonstrate clinical progress in behavioral health treatment.
  • Explain how to monitor progress in behavioral health treatment over time.
  • Identify if and why a student’s behavioral health is improving or not.

E-Therapy received rave reviews from our webinar attendees. Counselors working in both brick and mortar and teletherapy settings, have already applied the information they learned, while working with their students! Our webinar offers an immediate “easy to use guide” for educators to use for their upcoming IEP team meetings. Students have already benefited from the content provided in our E-Therapy mental health webinar!

E-Therapy’s mental health webinar is excellent

Attendees have rated the presenters as “Excellent” and say that they would recommend this mental health webinar to others!

“The resources provided were excellent.”

“I learned about a new assessment tool in the webinar, and then used it with one of my students the very next day!”

“LOVE that the resources provided are all free.”

Did you miss the FREE mental health webinar? No problem! Get it on-demand!

You can access the on-demand version, with opportunity for certificate maintenance hours (CMH) by signing up at the link below. 

mental health webinar

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