From Diana Parafiniuk: February Founder’s Update

From Diana Parafiniuk: February Founder’s Update


successHi! I’m Diana Parfiniuk, Founder of E-therapy. 

2020 is not just an epic year in name, but also in action. E-Therapy is dedicated to shaping lives and changing futures for our students. We look forward to hearing about what your experiences have been . 

We’d love to hear your success stories. So please send those our way. We’d love to hear how your therapists are engaging your students, what progress your students have made, and what the overall experience has been for all of you. So please send those our way to We look forward to hearing about them, they’re important to us! 

Let’s Learn Together!

Additionally, we’ll be hosting a webinar in February on how to measure progress using mental health assessments. Please go to our facebook page to check out more info and details about when and where that webinar will be. We hope you attend. It’s really informative and we know you’ll appreciate it.

Ask Away in the New Forum!

Additionally we’re launching our hot topics forum. This is a public and free forum for our therapists and educators to be able to converse, exchange ideas, learn about information in the teletherapy space and the education industry. Please check it out! We look forward to all of you participating.


Thanks so much and talk to you next time, 

Diana Parafiniuk,

Chief Therapist and Founder, E-Therapy

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