Free On-Demand Webinar: Get Your School’s Teletherapy Program Running

Free On-Demand Webinar: Get Your School’s Teletherapy Program Running

your school's teletherapy program

This on-demand webinar from E-Therapy is packed with knowledge about teletherapy for your school’s special education program. “The Ultimate Guide to Get Your School’s Teletherapy Program Up and Running, Both Securely and Seamlessly!” was originally presented in cooperation with AESA, but is now offered free for everyone. Register to watch when it’s convenient for you.

School is back in session. Do you have plans drawn up in case your special education students are quarantined or if the building closes again? Administrators need a concrete plan for how to provide online special ed related services for their students. E-Therapy’s 41 minute webinar can build your knowledge and help you decide next steps.

E-Therapy partnered with AESA for this on-demand webinar to show you how to use a comprehensive online teletherapy solution to keep your SPED program running, no matter where you or your students are located! This webinar is a must see for school administrators, special education directors, and any school programs that need support for making the transition to online SPED Services. 

your school's teletherapy program

This course answers the following questions:

  • Is there an easy-to-use platform that can help my SPED department stay compliant despite school closures or limited staffing? 
  • How can I track and monitor student sessions as well as deliver reports when working remotely?
  • How can I help my staff become expert teletherapists and provide high quality online therapy sessions? 

This webinar explains how E-Therapy’s STAR Teletherapy Platform can be used to:

  • Directly train therapists to become teletherapists
  • Supervise paraprofessionals
  • Document student progress
  • Track data collection
  • Assign HIPAA compliant, private and secure therapy rooms
  • Maintain total oversight of a remote Special Education program

To learn how to get your school up and running with a teletherapy plan, sign up for the free on-demand webinar.

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