Online Etiquette And SEL Activities: January 2021

online SEL activities

At E-Therapy we are starting this new year with a fresh, positive outlook. Our teletherapy experts created some effective and fun new online SEL activities and virtual etiquette lesson plans that are all about boosting your students’ social-emotional learning and saving you time! Check out our original activities below and bring some Zen into your teletherapy sessions.


Virtual meeting etiquette for students…Yes please!

This is the activity that every online teacher or therapist should use with their students! Our Virtual Meeting Etiquette Activity is a must have to teach your students how to engage appropriately during online sessions. After the winter break, this is a great reminder to help your students resume online learning.

This Google Slides template is interactive, fun, and FREE!  Grab your copy now.

online SEL activities


SEL Google Slides activity

Our students need social-emotional support now more than ever. This E-Therapy activity makes it easy to incorporate SEL lessons into your online sessions. Use this engaging activity to help students with sharing feelings, understanding body language, respecting others, and conflict resolution.

Get your FREE no print, no prep SEL Google Slides online activity!

online SEL activities


Online SEL activity for upper elementary & middle school students

We are excited to bring you another teletherapy FREEBIE this month with our online SEL activity and lesson plan. This is a perfect lesson for your upper elementary and middle school students. The best part? No planning is needed on your part!

Simply share the lovely online story “Ish” with your students or check out a copy from your school library and present it using a document camera. After reading it through, display this SEL companion activity on your screen. The activity takes the student through all the steps to understand the emotions and perspectives of the characters in the story.

If you are looking for a truly effective way to target SEL with your upper elementary and middle school students, this is it.

online SEL activities


Get monthly activities to use in your online therapy sessions

Check out our monthly Activity Round-ups for even more fun online games and activities that can easily be used in your online teletherapy sessions.

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online SEL activities

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