Online Physical Therapy Activities: October 2020

Online Physical Therapy Activities: October 2020

online physical therapy activities

October is Physical Therapy month, and at E-Therapy we have some awesome PTs that help students achieve their physical therapy goals in the virtual setting.  This month we are celebrating these hard working therapists and sharing some of our favorite online physical therapy activities that get kids moving!  These online resources and activities can be incorporated into all types of teletherapy sessions, including speech therapy, OT, and counseling. 

Go What? Go Noodle!

Have you seen the site It offers a host of engaging movement activities and videos that you can use to help online students improve their motor skills, self-awareness, and focus, or you can just use it as a fun movement break to work out the wiggles! Check out our video below to learn more about this dynamic resource for all types of therapists, teachers, and parents!

Skip the distractions 

Do you use videos in your online therapy sessions?  If not, you should!  It is a super motivating way to help students learn and keep them engaged….BUT what about all those ads and distractions?  Watch the video below to get our E-Therapy tips and tricks on how to share videos safely with your online students.  Learn how to skip the distractions and get only the content you want!

Please note: Safe YouTube is now called Video Link!  You can now reach the site by visiting either OR

Check out Pink Oatmeal

What is Pink Oatmeal?!  The site has a funny name but packs some great content, specifically for occupational and physical therapists. Check out our E-Therapy activity video below and learn how you can use the free worksheets, online games, and videos from this site to address motor development with your teletherapy students.  

Check out our September, August, and July Activity Round-ups for more fun online physical therapy activities and games that can easily be used in your teletherapy sessions.


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