Speech Therapy Games And Calendar: May 2021

speech therapy games


We are excited to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech month this May by bringing you original and thoughtfully created speech therapy games and activities for your online sessions. Speech-language pathologists across the country are working harder now than ever to provide excellent services for students, and we are here to make your job a little (or a lot) easier with our FREE teletherapy activities.

May Calendar of Activities

It’s here! Check out our E-Therapy Daily Activity Calendar for May. This is SUCH a time saver for therapists and online educators. Simply download your free copy of the calendar, and you instantly have distance learning activities for every day of the week. This “national day” calendar is great to use as a class warm up, a conversation starter, or to target specific student goals.

speech therapy games

Articulation Jamboard for the R Sound

Our E-Therapists have been having a lot of fun with Jamboards in teletherapy sessions. They are really dynamic, engaging, and free- what’s not to love? We know you love Jamboard activities too, but if you are busy completing progress reports and IEP paperwork, you don’t have much time for creating materials. That’s why we have done the work for you!

Check out our R Jewels Articulation Jamboard. If you have students who need to practice the /r/ sound, this activity is for you! Simply click the link above to make a copy and you are ready for your next session.

speech therapy games

R Picture Reveal PPT Game

As a Speech Therapist, we know you can never have enough articulation activities, especially for targeting the /r/ phoneme. If you are looking to freshen up your /r/ therapy sessions, look no further! Our R Picture Reveal Game helps you to address R in all word positions and even includes word lists that can be used as a progress monitoring tool. This game is a fun and effective way to practice articulation skills that is therapist and student approved!

speech therapy games

Multiple Meaning Words Game

FREE Multiple Meaning Words Game Board! This activity includes two boards with homonyms and two boards that can be customized to suit your student’s particular needs. We have even included 3 black and white print-friendly versions in case you want to print the boards to use with kiddos onsite. These customizable game boards are perfect for use in teletherapy sessions, for sharing in a Google classroom, to send as homework, or in a brick and mortar setting. Click the link above to snag your copy now!

speech therapy games

SEL Positive Affirmations Game

The activities just keep coming. The teletherapy experts at E-Therapy bring you yet another dynamic online activity that is effective and fun. Our SEL Positive Affirmations Game is a motivating way to help students develop positive self talk while targeting a variety of learning goals. This game is great for upper elementary through high school, and no prep work is needed. Simply download the PPT game and go!

speech therapy games

Get monthly Speech Therapy games to use in your online therapy sessions

Check out our monthly Activity Round-ups for even more fun online games and activities that can easily be used in your online teletherapy sessions.