The Ultimate Self-Care Guide

The Ultimate Self-Care Guide

Taking Part in Self-care as Part of Your Overall Well Being

Self-care. Personal wellness. Physical and emotional health.

No matter the words being used to describe it, it seems that more and more people are talking about self-care; sometimes to the point where you may start feeling a bit “burned out” on the phrase or question, as if this is just another passing fad.

Regardless of what we call it, self-care is an essential component of our individual and collective wellbeing – especially for those in education. At its core, self-care is simply taking care of ourselves. It is essential for achieving happiness, health, fulfillment, and for providing us with the energy to manage our other roles as parents, children, friends, educators, etc.

Domains of Self-care

Let’s take a look at the 6 domains of self-care and determine how we can prioritize those that need a little extra attention in our lives.

  1. Professional Care includes increasing your knowledge, living your truth, maintaining appropriate boundaries, and feeling valued in your workplace.
  2. Physical Care is taking care of your body through healthy sleep, eating, and exercise, as well as medical care.
  3. Psychological Care encompasses creativity, learning new things, reading a book, practicing meditation, etc.
  4. Emotional Care can include improving our feeling vocabulary and identification, as well as how we regulate our emotions and handle stress.
  5. Spiritual Care looks different for everyone but includes having beliefs and values that help guide your life.
  6. And finally, Social Care which is having a healthy community around you and positive relationships you can turn to when things are challenging.

Self-care Report Card

Now that we have a basic understanding of the different areas of self-care, let’s take a brief pause and think about which area resonates with you. Focus on one area that you want to improve on in your life. If you get stuck, take a moment to complete this accompanying self-care report card. If you choose to take the self-care report card, note which area is the lowest for you, and which one is the highest.

For whichever area was lowest, spend the next few minutes reflecting on what small change you could make in your life this week that would allow for even small amounts of growth and development. Remember, take it slow, make it achievable, and choose something that really works for YOU; not what you think others would say.

Just being aware of the areas we are not focusing on can naturally help us improve. So make sure to regularly reflect on your own self-care using this tool so you can start prioritizing yourself!

Congrats on already doing an awesome job taking care of yourself!