Using Green Screens with Disappearing Objects Effect

Using Green Screens with Disappearing Objects Effect

green screens disappearing object

Using green screens in your online teletherapy sessions is a great way to increase student engagement. Rather than interacting with screen shared activities, green screen lessons put the focus back on the interaction between the therapist or teacher and the student. The student has to use his or her language skills to influence the teacher controlled green screen actions. 

A fun effect that can be created using green screens is the disappearing object effect. When pockets are constructed of paper or fabric that match the green screen, anything that goes inside the green pocket looks like it has disappeared. This effect can be used to simulate feeding animals or finding hidden objects.

Don’t have a green screen setup in your online classroom? Follow Diana’s tips to construct your own. It’s easy and inexpensive! (Diana found a green blanket to use as the backdrop in a resell shop.) Visit our blog post,  Create your own inexpensive DIY Green Screen.

Watch Diana’s new video and follow the steps to use green screen disappearing magic to stimulate language skills and motivate early intervention, preschool, and lower elementary age students during remote teletherapy sessions. 

Want more activities?

Follow E-Therapy on Facebook and visit this blog often for weekly activities and freebies. If you have your green screen set up, then follow this link for instructions on how to make your own game boards for green screens, plus nap your free Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day-themed gameboards and game pieces. Use Green Screen Game Boards For Teletherapy.

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