Your Teletherapy Partner, For Today and Tomorrow

Your Teletherapy Partner, For Today and Tomorrow

need for compensatory services

Everyday, E-Therapy provides expert teletherapy sessions with credentialed clinicians, trusted technology, communication tools, and flexibility that help special education teams advance education to their students. By delivering an all-encompassing teletherapy platform and empowering a growing number of school partners, we are at the forefront of educating tens of thousands of special needs students in-person, online, or remotely with our own teletherapists. E-Therapy is focused on helping our school partners to meet the need for compensatory services. We are accepting new schools, so get in touch!

The need for compensatory services grows

The need for compensatory services is rapidly growing. School districts are experiencing an influx of requests from parents of students who have suffered learning loss and skill regression due to school closures because of the pandemic. On top of these demands, administrators have compliance issues to deal with and a team of clinicians whose caseloads are fast getting out-of-hand.

“Schools are entitled to provide compensatory, or make-up, special education services to students,” said Diana Parafiniuk, founder of E-Therapy. “but it is not an insignificant number. Many districts are struggling to provide those services.”

When school closures occurred last year and therapists found themselves cobbling together solutions to reach their students remotely, E-Therapy recognized the need for a reliable, compliant solution. Parafiniuk quickly made E-Therapy’s innovative online therapy platform available for use by on-site special ed teams.

“We saw a need, so we quickly pivoted from providing teletherapists to training school teams to be teletherapy experts,” said Parafiniuk. “Together, these services have been a lifeline for many schools.”

E-Therapy’s eSMART teletherapy solution explained

eSMART is a platform for delivering online therapy. Compare our private, accessible, safe remote learning environment to video conferencing technology built for corporate or commercial use, and you will see that they are not equipped with features and tools to provide therapy services for your students. Schools require platforms built for educational purposes that are HIPAA and FERPA compliant and secure.

An all-encompassing teletherapy platform that sees everything

eSMART is the industry’s best comprehensive teletherapy platform. Used by our own nationwide team of teletherapists, eSMART has been adapted for quick onboarding and full reporting. 

need for compensatory services
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Features of our eSMART teletherapy platform include:

Easy communication and tracking

  • View data in the format of your choice- including charts and graphs
  • Pull and share clinical data reports that support IEP goals
  • Track individual students’ progress and therapists’ data notes in real-time
  • Communicate via a direct message system with therapists or administrators and easily share the information securely
  • View individualized student profiles to manage student progress towards goals

Secure, compliant solution

  • HIPAA, COPAA, FERPA, and IDEA compliant
  • Private, encrypted, and secure online therapy room portal entry that allows you to track therapy session attendance

How can we help you?

E-Therapy’s mission is to be your teletherapy partner of choice, providing the best in online therapy to your students.

Get the industry-best teletherapy solution for your school-based team or ask us about supplying your school’s needs with our own experienced clinicians.

  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Psychoeducational Testing and Diagnostics

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need for compensatory services