“I want to say how much I appreciate your service to our district. You helped us get through a tough time and I am forever grateful. Your team has been awesome and very easy to work with.”  ~ Kyron J., Arkansas Charter School

Help your therapists make up lost time.

1. Outsource therapy sessions for compensatory time.
In many schools, it’s been difficult for SPED teams to keep up with the demand for related services. So, districts are outsourcing therapy sessions to E-Therapy’s teletherapists – not just as a cost-saving measure, but to help make up for lost services.

2. Efficient communication and collaboration is crucial.
Social distancing has made communication between IEP team members more complicated – and emphasized the importance of tools like messaging, scheduling, and reporting to replace in-school meetings and hallway chats. Our school partners say that instant messaging and on-demand reporting is just what they need for efficient collaboration.

3. Building-level teams need new tools.
The pandemic didn’t lesson demand on school-based therapists. School admin tells us that their need for a new online therapy solution and related resources and activities has increased since the start of school closures. The districts that leverage new tools and technologies like E-Therapy’s teletherapy solution deliver teletherapy to more students and help schools stay compliant.

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