E-Therapy prides itself on being inclusive by celebrating and championing multiple approaches, points of view, and diverse backgrounds in students and therapists. We believe diversity is essential in learning success and in receiving an excellent education. We are dedicated to building a culture where difference is valued. Our holistic approach strives to grow our network of diverse people, programs and tools all designed to help staff, therapists, and students grow and succeed at their therapeutic goals. We foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive educational community to create a learning environment that exposes students to the value and breadth of differences, informs their perspective, and prepares them to succeed in an academic setting. It is important to help students feel safe, seen, and connected and carefully assess students diverse needs. We actively seek students, families, faculty, and staff of varied backgrounds and encourage them to share their unique gifts to cultivate a rich educational experience. Our therapists are trained to have a sensitivity to the unique trauma students in diverse and minority populations face and are committed to promoting an equitable and positive learning environment for all students. E-Therapy makes sure to always match therapists with each students’ unique diverse needs.  Licensed therapists are required to maintain their CEUS which include code of ethics coursework.


E-Therapy has a large number of bi-lingual therapists and has been working with diverse populations throughout the nation in a myriad of settings for 12 years, including inner-city urban school districts, rural communities,  native american reservations, remote alaska islands, and virtual schools that cater to a diverse population of students. As therapists working with students with special needs, E-Therapists are trained to be sensitive to helping students overcome challenges and create a supportive environment where they can thrive and feel successful.