Welcome to our NEW ezBELL Chrome Extension
from E-Therapy!

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to download and install ezBELL.

Welcome to our NEW ezBELL Chrome Extension from E-Therapy. Save time
with our quick, convenient browser extension that notifies E-Therapy's staffing
manager that you need teletherapy help at your PreK-12 school.

After you install and enable the plugin, just click the bell icon. From there,
ezBELL will alert E-Therapy that your school needs access to the most qualified
therapists, training, assessments, evaluations, and diagnostics.

Follow these four simple steps to download and pin our ezBELL feature to your


Step 2: Install Extension

Click on button, “Add to Chrome”
This window will pop up. Click the button that says, “Add extension”.

Congratulations! It’s been successfully installed.

Once you click add extension you will see this message on your screen.

Step 3: Pin to your Browser

To pin the extension to your browser, go to your settings icon, shown here:
Find the ezBELL icon and click the image that looks like a pin. The pin will change to blue, and the ezBELL icon will appear in your browser.

Final Step: Ring the ezBELL!

When you are ready to ring our bell for services, hover over the icon and our login screen will appear. Login with the credentials that were sent to you through E-Therapy and ring our bell. We are ready to help when you need us.