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What is the Hot Topics Forum and how can I take advantage of it?

E-Therapy’s forum is a community space for educators, therapists, parents and administrators to share ideas, learn best practices, ask questions, and get answers about teletherapy and special education related services.

In the words of our founder, Diana Parafiniuk...

“The possibilities for information sharing, raising awareness and access to therapy tools, and best practices within the teletherapy field are infinite with this new community forum! “E-Therapy’s forum is independent from commercialized social media platforms and is 100% ad free.” This allows broader participation and inclusion, and allows our members to see only the content they want.”

How can I access E-Therapy’s forum?

E-Therapy’s Hot Topics Forum is open to anyone in the therapy field or educational community. Click below to see the topics that are trending now, and join the conversation!


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