How can eSMART help you respond - and quickly adapt your SPED plan?

Even with the best Special Education program, the world keeps turning and, sometimes, you'll need to modify service provisions - quickly.

When you license E-Therapy's eSMART Teletherapy Solution, you give your own staff a HIPAA/FERPA compliant teletherapy solution to serve PreK-12 students remotely and in person. They will have tools to organize sessions, track and document service provision, and communicate and report with the team.

That's how you pivot.

  • Insight #1: Know when to pivot.

  • Insight #2: Put your students first.

  • Insight #3: To help determine your therapist's and student's needs, connect with colleagues.

  • Insight #4: Don't overestimate your pivot.

eSMART Delivers When You Need It To

Easy-to-use technology

Our dedicated account managers help your school therapists become expert teletherapists quickly, so the tech doesn't overwhelm them.

Increased collaboration

eSMART's built-in communication and reporting tools allows administrators, special education directors, and therapists to capture, organize, and access data for printable, shareable reports.

Higher productivity

eSMART's convenient smart scheduling automates tasks like scheduling sessions and IEP meetings. Tools to track progress and evaluate sessions keep calendars organized and goals on track.

Focus on teaching

Your SLPs, OTs, PTs, and counselors can combine materials they already use with their students with eSMART's vast library of digital resources.

The Teletherapy Experts

The new normal is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your school may need training for your on-site therapists while another school may need help with their heavy caseloads or with administering diagnostics and assessments. E-Therapy embraces the diversity of our partner schools and can tailor a solution for you.

Take the first step toward easy. Schedule a demo with us to see how E-Therapy can work for your school.