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    Most students love using technology, so they are usually very motivated by teletherapy. What types of things have you found that students enjoy most about their online sessions?

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    I think students really enjoy the close bond that they form with the therapist. Older students who may feel stigmatized by “going to speech therapy” seem much more comfortable connecting with a therapist over the computer.

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    Students love being on the computer, so anything computer related is often seen as a reward to them (even if it actually involves some work!)

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    My students enjoy having a view of the therapist and themselves side by side on the screen. This helps them match the shape of their mouth with the model I make! I watch the students’ eyes move from my mouth to their mouth as they perfect their sounds. They get so excited when they match my model and their sound is produced perfectly! Seeing our faces next to each other also provides us giggles when we make silly faces for fun! 🙂

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    My students love screen time, and enjoy the digital spin on classic games such as Articulation Bingo to drill their speech sounds. They often can’t tell if it’s work or play!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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