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    Parents, guardians, and teachers can help to facilitate the student logging in and participating in their online sessions. The level of involvement can really depend on the student’s needs. What has been your experience?

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    I have had much more connection with parents as a teletherapist than I did previously when working onsite at a school district. Many of the students I have worked with online receive services from their home, so the parent is able to be more involved.

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    One of my biggest questions moving into OT teletherapy was “What about my hands??” I was using my hands during in-person sessions all the time. One huge way to involve the parent in your student’s OT session is to guide them to act as your hands. Whether you’re working on pencil grip or shoe-tying goals, you as the OT can help direct the parent as “your” hands!

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    Caregivers can be invaluable sources during teletherapy sessions. I have parents that assist with anything from behavior support to phoneme reinforcement. I like when parents participate, as they are learning how to promote carryover in the home, which may help students reach their goals sooner!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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