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    Do you keep everything organized digitally, or are you a pen and paper kind of therapist? What works best to help you stay organized as an E-Therapist?



    I have found that using an online calendar really helps keep me organized. I can easily move student appointments and easily mark Holidays.



    I love using my digital calendar for all meetings and appointments. I have it set up so that I get reminder notifications leading up to make sure I’m where I’m supposed to be, when I’m supposed to be there! I always add the login info so I can easily access it, instead of digging through email invites when I’m supposed to be logging in!
    I use pen/paper for my “Daily To Do List.” It’s so satisfying to cross items off!



    I have found it useful to print out a weekly schedule to keep with me at all times. Under the student’s name, I list the learning coach’s email address and phone number, so I can quickly reference the contact information in case the student is late for their scheduled therapy time. I have also color coded my weekly schedule by time zones because I have had students in multiple states.

    I need to give all the credit to E-Therapy’s STAR system for my digital organization. I have used it to keep track of student progress, parent contact notes, and reports. I love that everything is in one spot.



    Over the summer, I create a week by week schedule of what activities and warm ups I want to do each week. I leave a section for handwriting, fine motor, visual motor and other. I then print it off and always know what I want to do that week and then grade the task up or down depending on the student. Makes prepping a lot easier on me



    E-Therapy’s online STAR system is super helpful for this! Each week on Sunday I print out my weekly schedule and mark any changes or additions. I keep a monthly spreadsheet for keeping track of minutes and then sticky notes for immediate important things for that week.



    My manager with E-Therapy provided a time management quadrant organizer that has been very helpful. I’m old school though… I like my giant desk calendar to keep track of my IEPs and a physical calendar to keep track of IEP/Triennials that are due. And sticky notes… so. many. sticky notes!!



    I also print out a weekly schedule and post it right by my desk. And I hear you, Kristi–I love my big desk calendar as well for a monthly view of everything that I have going on! I haven’t made the leap to my phone or a digital calendar yet. I also agree that E-Therapy’s STAR system has made keeping student records much easier and user-friendly.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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