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    Were you tired of a long commute or just looking for a fresh start? Why did you decide to pursue a career in telepractice?

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    I decided to get into telepractice because I love working with kids but worked in the schools for 10 years and didn’t want to go back to that. Telepractice allows me the flexibility to set my own schedule and hours!

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    Before telepractice, I was traveling 45-60 minutes one way to work in a school that didn’t appreciate me and was really rough on me. I love that with telepractice I can be present with my daughters when I need to be plus make a difference (and contribute an income to my family) in the lives of others.

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    I sort of happened upon telepractice. We had just moved to a new town and I met someone who introduced me to E-Therapy. I had simultaneously applied to the local hospital system, but their HR department was (thankfully) too slow. By the time they offered me a position, I had already started with E-Therapy. That was 4 years ago. I can’t even imagine ever going back to an office now. It’s like a dream come true to do the job I love from my home. If my kids are sick, I can zip over to their school to pick them up and then come right back to work.

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    I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do what I love from home! Telepractice has given me more flexibility in my schedule so I can take care of my family and spend more quality time with them. Telepractice has been the best career choice I have made, I only wish I would have switched sooner!

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    I was looking for a position where I could set my schedule around my kids’ school schedule. Even working in the schools, it was difficult to drop off my kids at school and be back in time to pick them up–we were utilizing before and after school care and it was wearing on us! This job has been perfect for me to feel more present and available to my own kids’ needs, while still doing a career that I love.

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    FLEXIBILITY! FLEXIBILITY! FLEXIBILITY! I have a son who has several weekly appointments, and it’s super easy to schedule around your life! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do what I enjoy, without the constraints of a traditional brick-and-mortar setting.

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    I decided to go into telepractice because it allowed me the flexibility to set my own schedule and still have time for own family. I have always loved working with children, but when I was working in a brick and mortar building, the commute was so long that it took too much time away from my kids. Telepractice provides me with the perfect work-life balance. I am so thankful for finding E-Therapy, and being able to do what I love and still be there for my family.

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