What We Do

  • Provide the highest quality teletherapy services to students and schools nationwide
  • Hire only the most qualified and experienced therapists
  • Customize our therapy to meet school’s needs
  • Deliver hands-on, high quality services in all areas
  • Offer live face-to-face online Speech-Language, Occupational, and Physical Therapy as well as Counseling/Social Work and Assessments/Diagnostics

E-Therapy's STAR Platform

Only at E-Therapy: STAR is a revolutionary platform that allows you to track data for easy monitoring and reporting.
E-Therapy electronic therapy online teletherapy therapy jobs


Track your student’s progress in real-time and monitor their progress made towards their IEP goals.

E-Therapy electronic therapy online teletherapy therapy jobs


Refer students easily by using our student portal allowing you to get student services quickly.

E-Therapy electronic therapy online teletherapy therapy jobs


Monitor and quickly access all your current billing/invoice information with our transparent system.

E-Therapy electronic therapy online teletherapy therapy jobs

Connection to Schools

E-Therapy listens to school administration to understand exactly what works best for them. We tailor our services to provide exactly what schools need. We have no minimum caseloads or hidden fees. We always put the students first. Our founders’ experience in serving schools nationwide has taught them how to deliver exceptional Teletherapy sessions resulting in tremendous student progress.

Our Experience

The E-Therapy team works with over 100 schools, has over 200 therapists, and has delivered 300,000+ teletherapy sessions to schools and students throughout the USA. This includes schools in under served areas, online education programs, charter schools, public schools, blended schools, and traditional brick-and-mortar schools.


Join Our Team

E-Therapy’s Therapists provide services via teletherapy to school-age students nationwide. We seek independent and creative therapists who are comfortable working in a flexible environment on their computer from home.

We look for experienced therapists, preferably with school and/or home health experience who possess strong communication skills. We work across all 50 states, providing teletherapy services to early intervention students up to students age 22.

Excellent pay, caring people, and a great opportunity. Come join our team!

Why Teletherapy?

Do you find you always have more students in need of services then you have therapists?

Do you live in place where it is a challenge to hire therapists to work on-site in your school?

Do you experience sudden changes in staffing, leaving you in a lurch to provide services?

Our Benefits

  • We reach students in under-served areas.
  • Studies have shown that Teletherapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.
  • Our interface is accessible, easy-to-use, and fun for students.
  • We provide support for all students, families, and school staff.
  • Our system provides session tracking and monitoring in real time.
  • There are no hidden costs with E-Therapy.
  • Our services change student's lives for the better!

Engage With Us!

To schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, please call (800) 330-0093 or (928) 814-4990

or email careers@electronic-therapy.com