3 Ways to Help Prevent Regression Over School Break Using Online Activities

3 Ways to Help Prevent Regression Over School Break Using Online Activities

regression over school break

Any kind of break from school has the potential for students to regress in their skills. A little regression is normal especially after a longer summer or winter break. There are times, however, when students regress more than is typically warranted, or when you can prevent regression over school break. 


Students can use some of the activities often used in teletherapy to help them stay learning and engaged, while having fun, over their break. These activities can all be used on the computer, so the student gets to have some good screen time, while engaging their brain in learning. 


Here are 3 of our favorite ways to use teletherapy activities to help prevent regression over school break:


Online Videos:

Students love watching videos online. You can find some short, educational videos online,using sites like FunBrain or even YouTube. Watch the video and then talk about what happened, what the video was about, and have them share their favorite moment. You could also try a video with no talking, so the student has to describe to you what they think happened or why the characters did what they did. 


Interactive Games:

Video games can also be a great way to work on learning skills. Many of these games, such as those on Starfall, FunBrain, and PBS Kids are great resources to use at home. They have games that often include reading, learning shapes and colors, following directions, answering questions, and even using basic math concepts. 


Stories and Worksheets:

Another fun resource online is finding stories that are read online or are turned into videos. You could pair the video with the actual book, and compare the two stories. You could also have your student watch the reading of the story, for a fun, different way to work on reading during their break. YouTube can be a great resource for this. They can watch the video and then share with you what happens during the story, by summarizing or answering some “wh” questions. 


Ask your therapist for a list of sites to use over the break, so your student can maintain their progress and limit any regression of their skills. Then set your student up to work on these solo or to do the online activity together. 


Need some teletherapy resources at your school? Schedule a demo or contact us to see how you teletherapy can work at your school. 

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