A Revolutionary Platform: eSMART

A Revolutionary Platform: eSMART

Wouldn’t it be nice to transform your Student Services staff into teletherapy experts to help your special education students? You can! eSMART is here to do just that! eSMART is a licensed platform that was created by E-Therapy for a solution that allows your team to grow, nurture, and ensure support for your students. With an ongoing pandemic and no promised end, E-Therapy is here to help your school become the best it can be while supporting your students, special education staff, and administrators. In a world where nothing is perfect, eSMART is pretty close – providing schools with a customized platform that fits their needs. 

What is eSMART? eSMART is a revolutionary platform that was created specifically out of the need for instant teletherapy tracking, monitoring, real-time data reports, private online therapy rooms, session tracking, on-demand webinars, and so much more. More than a tracking platform, E-Therapy understands the power the right tools can provide, and what your school needs to succeed. Whether you’re a large public school district or a small private school, virtual or traditional, eSMART has a solution that will work for you and your school.

Our platform serves a variety of students that face unique challenges and situations every day. That’s why we designed eSMART to be the leading teletherapy management platform that each school can count on, with no minimum caseloads and no commitments.

Features of eSMART

You will be amazed at what all eSMART can do for your team. Our featured benefits are: 

  • Quick onboard with one-on-one therapist training
  • On-demand videos and webinars
  • Secure, private online therapy rooms with encrypted login
  • Session tracking and real-time data reports
  • Monitoring tools and time tracking features 
  • Built-in compliance features
  • Smart session scheduler and communication tools 
  • Therapist toolbox with a dedicated account manager 
  • Unique free activities that you can use in each session
  • Secure instant messaging with technical and customer phone support

Ask us today how you can start to use eSMART immediately for your special education team. We are just a phone call away. Get in touch!