E-Therapy Families Give To The Community

e-therapy gives back

This holiday season our E-Therapy family is giving back to the community.  E-Therapy account manager, Jen, spent the weekend gathering supplies and packing donation boxes with her two boys.  Jen says she gives to others,

“Because even one act of kindness or generosity has the potential to change lives and hearts; not just someone else’s but my own as well. It helps me focus on the uniqueness and worth of every human being no matter how different we may be.” 

Jen’s boys love getting in on the fun and helped her to pack a huge stack of gift boxes this year!

e-therapy gives back

E-Therapy account manager, Kati, and her family had a blast putting together donation packages this year. Kati’s kids love being included in the gift giving, and knowing that the gifts are going to other children!  She says their favorite part was picking out the gifts at the local toy store.

Kati’s family inspired her church group and wider community to get involved with the gift giving as well. What a wonderful way to spread some holiday cheer and truly make a positive impact!

e-therapy gives back

And last but not least! Here I am with my little guy, Charlie, getting into the holiday spirit!  Charlie was happy to be along for the ride as we shopped for gift donations. We gathered so many great items, like toys and school supplies, to donate as holiday presents for children in need.

Although Charlie doesn’t quite understand the concept of what we are doing just yet, I hope as we continue this tradition of giving in years to come that he will grow to understand the importance of thinking of others…at the holidays, and all year long!

e-therapy gives back


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