Online Therapy Activity Round-up: November 2019

seasonal activities for online therapy sessions

Looking for some seasonal fun to add into your therapy sessions this month?  Here are a few engaging activities to try!

Use online and print art activities to motivate

Oh My Gourd 

Incorporate this simple pumpkin decorating activity into online therapy sessions to target basic vocabulary, spatial concepts, and following directions.

Thanksgiving Printables 

OTs can use these free materials to target visual motor and fine motor skills with a Thanksgiving theme. There is an onscreen activity for visual discrimination and a free printable for addressing fine motor and visual perception skills. 

seasonal activities for online therapy sessions







Use children’s easy reading books to engage

Check out Turkey Trouble by StorylineOnline. You can utilize this fun Thanksgiving story in therapy sessions to address ‘Wh’ questions, story retell, making predictions, and more!

Use Google images to spark conversation

Do a Google image search for “Family eating Thanksgiving dinner”, and choose a picture. Be sure to select a candid image of people interacting with each other.

seasonal activities for online therapy sessions










There are so many activities you can do with a seasonal image in your online therapy sessions. Here are just a few ideas to spark your creativity! 

  • Target pragmatics by asking the student what she thinks the people in the picture are saying, how they are feeling, and to predict what will happen next. 
  • Practice expressive and/or written language skills with a story project using the picture as inspiration. Address descriptive language by having the student compare and contrast two pictures, or discuss how the student’s Thanksgiving experience is similar or different from the picture. 
  • Target gross motor skills by acting out the movements to cook the various dishes depicted in the scene.
  • Utilize a picture with a lot of detail, and address visual perception by asking the student to find certain items in the image.

Get creative with it!

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And have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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