Parent-School Communication Strategies for Administrators and Teachers

Parent-School Communication Strategies for Administrators and Teachers


Strong, clear, and timely communication between parents and schools is often linked to improved family involvement with the school and may help facilitate increased student achievement. 

How can you meet everyone where they are?

Information exchanges need to include both low- and high- tech strategies. Schools should never assume that all families have effective or consistent internet access, or that they communicate primarily in English. Administrators play a pivotal role in creating a school culture where parent communication is valued and the time and resources needed are consistently allocated to implement a comprehensive communication plan. 

Some tips and tricks:

  • The beginning of the school year, end of a semester, or after holiday breaks are great times to ensure that families have access to copies of student handbooks and discipline policies and that teachers understand communication expectations.
  • Be honest and efficient – sticking to the point, offering help and support, and lending a listening ear are all great ways to stay on the best side of the conversation with parents.
  • Effective procedures and systems for communicating with parents during remote learning is as critical as it is with in-person instruction so remember that we are all at different stages of going “back to normal”.
  • Using E-Therapy’s School-Home Communication Checklist for Teachers and Administrators can be a useful tool in starting a staff discussion, planning school or district policy, and/or tweaking current parent communication systems. 

One quick note:

Documentation of all parent contacts needs to be stressed with teachers. The time required for the staff members to complete parent phone calls along with documenting these attempts needs to be acknowledged by the leadership.

At E-Therapy, we truly are the teletherapy experts and know the power of communicating effectively with families in the virtual instructional environment. Do you need help with strategies? One of our expert therapists can equip you with resources and tools to take on tough conversations, and relax when the going gets tough. Learn more about our eQUIP program here.