Forum FAQ

Yes, the forum is for anyone who wants to share their experience or know more about teletherapy and the field of special education. The E-Therapy Hot Topics Forum is free and open to the public but designed to serve those in the special ed industry specifically.
Yes, you can! All you have to do is click to make a comment.
The E-Therapy forum is different from the ground up. Our forum is independent from social media platforms where other sites and groups are hosted. Our forum is 100% ad-free, which allows our members to see only the content they want. Our members won’t have to deal with content that features advertising or sells to them based on an algorithm, as it does on social media platform groups.
Yes, an E-Therapy expert is always on hand to assist with monitoring and ensuring questions get answered in a timely fashion.
Our forum houses topics important to therapists, administrators, and educators in the field of special education and teletherapy. There are a variety of current topics, such as:
  • How can teletherapy help my school maintain SPED compliance?
  • How is the facilitator involved in the online sessions?
  • Collaborating with teachers on a behavior plan (BIP) in teletherapy
  • How to find engaging teletherapy activities
  • Addressing fine motor skills in teletherapy

And more! Go to the forum now to check it out.