Our New Mental Health Solutions

Offering dynamic programs for the emotional well-being of the whole school community.

eQUIP: Educating Teachers. Empowering Classrooms.

E-Therapy's eQUIP Mental Health Platform is designed to equip educators, students and your whole school community with skills and knowledge to address today's critical mental health landscape through self-paced on-demand videos, power packed modules, filled with resources and tools to use personally, and in your classroom with students.

E-Therapy's mental health programs equip and foster educator's strengths and wellness practices, providing coping strategies for all.

E-Therapy Brings eWELLNESS to Educators and Staff

A full range of mental health solutions, supporting educators, students and administrators through our online wellness platform providing comprehensive assessment bundles, direct services, and live online wellness coaching sessions.

eQUIP Mental Health Platform

Our on-demand training platform helps educators recognize, respond, and recover from the impacts that mental health challenges have on educators and students. They will gain strategies and tools to engage and support students who may be experiencing mental/emotional distress and improve students mental health through direct services. .

What's Included:

  • On-demand training videos
  • Self-directed modules
  • Live self-care check-ins
  • Resources, tools, and tangibles
  • Certificated hours of continuing education to submit

Comprehensive Assessment Bundle

E-Therapy has created a data-driven, evidenced-based screening assessment model to support students' immediate mental health needs.

Assessment Bundle Process:

  • Step 1: School identifies student(s) in need
  • Step 2: Student(s) referred to E-Therapy
  • Step 3: Student(s) meet with E-Therapist and complete eveidence-based intake
  • Step 4: Student(s) receives intervention session(s) with emphasis on solution-focused therapy
  • Step 5: E-Therapist creates a care plan
  • Step 6: School provided with care plan, recommendations and next steps

Direct Teletherapy Services

E-Therapy provides comprehensive, culturally responsive mental and behavioral health service to students, parents, and staff.

How Partnering with E-Therapy can Help:

  • Access to our Team of Licensed Teletherapists
  • Flexible Scheduling (during or after school hours)
  • Clear Communication with Families & School
  • Easy Referral Process
  • Quick Implementation
  • HIPAA Compliant Platform

Group Coaching Sessions

K-12 school administrators, educators, and staff often overlook their own well-being. E-Therapy provides an Educator Wellness Series of Group Coaching Sessions for counselors, social workers and administrators on a wide range of topics to help them handle emotional stress.

Some Topics Include:

  • Setting Boundaries in Your Work and Personal Life
  • Mindfulness: In & Out of the Classroom
  • Creating and Sticking to Wellness Goals in the New Year
  • Increasing your Physical Wellness
  • Gratitude Journaling for Emotional Growth
  • Creating Happiness

A la Carte

All eQUIP and eWELLNESS options are available a la carte. Also, please note that E-Therapy can tailor a program to meet your school's unique needs!