eQUIP and Our NEW Mental Health Solutions

A dynamic program for the emotional well-being of the whole school community.

The eQUIP Way

E-Therapy's eQUIP Mental Health Solutions are designed to equip students, educators, and your school community with skills and knowledge to address today's critical mental health crisis.

Participants in E-Therapy's programs will be better equipped to foster their strengths and practice healthy coping strategies.

The Programs

Effectively meet the needs of your school's most vulnerable staff, students, and their families with training, support, strategies, and interventions.

eQUIP Mental Health Solution

Our mental health experts utilize new online resources, training, and an innovative teletherapy approach to encourage and inspire educators. Learn through live, on-demand, and self-paced sessions.

What's Included:

  • Live trainings for staff
  • Self-directed modules
  • Live self-care check-ins
  • Resources, tools, and tangibles
  • Train the Trainer program

Mental Health Case Management Package

E-Therapy's network of expert online counselors provide a cost effective Comprehensive Screening Program to identify at-risk students and recommend needed interventions or therapeutic sessions.

What's Included:

  • Teacher training
  • Student screening
  • Therapy intervention sessions
  • Post-screening session
  • Referral meeting
  • Optional: counseling session package

Mental Health Services for Students

E-Therapy provides comprehensive, culturally responsive mental and behavioral health service to students, parents, and staff.

What's Included:

  • Direct Therapy service to students within the school setting
  • Direct Therapy service to students and families independent of the school and outside of school setting, post in-service.
  • Direct billing for family service

Mental Health In-Service for Teachers & Staff

K-12 school administrators, teachers, and staff often overlook their own well-being. E-Therapy provides in-service that helps educators handle emotional stress and related triggers experienced during the pandemic and afterwards.

What's Included:

  • Presentations for in-house teachers& staff
  • Resources, tangibles, and tips

A la Carte

All eQUIP Mental Health Solution options are available a la carte. Also, please note that E-Therapy can tailor a program to meet your school's unique needs!