Telepractice Information

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
ASHA Position Statement and Telepractice Information
American Physical Therapy Association
APTA information on the use of telepractice to provide physical therapy services
American Occupational Therapy Association
Resources and professional guidance for telepractice and occupational therapy
American Psychological Association
Research on the efficacy of telepractice and mental health services

Speech and Language

Early Childhood Speech/Language Milestones
Developmental milestones chart for receptive and expressive skills in children from birth to five years
Stages of Speech and Language Development
Speech and language development chart including expected social communication skills from birth to five years
Provides various games and activities to target phonological awareness and language concepts, including: letter sound relationships, segmenting, blending, grammar, context clues, reading comprehension, etc.
IXL Language Arts
This site offers a host of language materials that correspond to common core learning objectives. The materials are organized by grade level and include many activities appropriate for older students. Use the search function on the site to find activities by topic or view by grade level.
Home Speech Home
Provides a variety of speech therapy resources and activity ideas as well as articulation lists at the word, sentence, and paragraph level.
Mommy Speech Therapy
This site includes charts, resources, and picture word lists at the word to sentence level.
ASHA Childhood Fluency Disorder Guidelines
Provides guidance on treatment and evaluation of Childhood Fluency Disorders by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
Just for Kids Stuttering Website
This site is devoted to young people who stutter. It includes information about the causes and treatment of stuttering, dealing with teasing, and frequently asked questions about stuttering.
ASHA Reference for Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Provides reference information on Childhood Apraxia of Speech by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
Speech is Beautiful
This site is created by a bilingual SLP and contains a variety of therapy recommendations and resources.
This online resource provides a host of free materials for Speech-Language Pathologists working with bilingual students.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Games
This site provides games that address various skills such as eye contact, emotions, and coping with change.
Facial Expressions: Make a Face
In this activity the student can select various facial features to create a cartoon face. Target understanding of expressions by discussing how the different eye and mouth shapes indicate various emotions.
Turn Taking and Social Skills: Tea Party
Utilize this interactive tea party activity to target basic social skills, such as turn taking and thinking of the needs of others.
Social Story Templates: Autism Speaks
Provides a variety of story templates in Powerpoint format. You can customize the stories as needed for each student’s specific needs.
Sensory World: Interactive House Scene
Students can navigate through various rooms and activities in this virtual house, including learning about safety, hygiene, and money management, as well as opportunities to explore a sensory room and music room.
Autism Talk TV: Wrong Planet
This site provides a host of videos and articles geared toward older students on the autism spectrum and student with Aspergers, including topics such as relationships, bullying, and executive functioning.
TD Social Skills Channel
This YouTube channel is devoted to social skills videos, including topics such as making friends, resolving disagreements, and turn-taking.

Occupational Therapy

Developmental Milestones Chart 0-5 Yrs
Provides the expected age of development for gross motor, fine motor, adaptive, and play skills in young children.
Fine Motor Skills 0-6 years
Information sheets that outline the expected fine motor milestones for young children
Pencil Grip
Information on development of appropriate pencil grip with helpful strategies and activity ideas
Pencil Pressure
Information sheet on pencil pressure with recommendations to support development of appropriate pencil tension
Low Muscle Tone
Informational handout about low muscle tone, including helpful strategies and activity ideas
Therapy Street for Kids
This site offers descriptions of various OT skills and recommended activities, including ideas for home practice.
Eye Can Learn
Provides free activities and information to improve visual processing skills.
Tools to Grow
This site offers free materials as well as a paid membership option with activities and resources to address fine motor, visual perception, self care, and more.
OT School House
This site is created by a team of school-based OTs and provides webinars, podcasts, and occupational therapy resources.

Physical Therapy

Gross Motor Development in Toddlers
This chart provides a list of expected gross motor skills by month, from birth to 2 years of age.
Peabody Early Childhood Milestones
Describes overall developmental milestones expected for early childhood, including motor skills in children 3 months to 4 years of age. pdf
Coordination and Motor Skills Chart
Lists physical skills that are expected to be developed from birth to teenage years.
Pediatric Norms for Core Strength
Provides normative data on strength skills such as supine flexion and prone extension for children.
Therapy Fun Zone
Includes a host of therapy ideas to address range of motion, strengthening, gross motor, and gait.
The Inspired Treehouse
This site is created by an OT and PT duo. It features resources and therapy ideas for development of motor skills in children.
Your Therapy Source
Activities, hand-outs, printables, and information sheets for pediatric occupational and physical therapists
Provides information on Assistive Technology and links to AT resources.
This engaging and interactive site offers fun videos for movement practice to address coordination, body awareness, and gross motor skills.
Hand Clapping Games
This site provides written and video instructions for various hand clapping games that can be used for practice with coordination, memory, and motor planning skills.

Counseling/Social Work

Social and Emotional Development 0-5 years
Provides information about expected social and emotional development including interactions skills, emotional awareness, and self-regulation in young children.
Social/Emotional Milestones 0-6 years
Chart of important social/emotional milestones for children birth to 6 years of age.
Character Development Chart
Outlines expected behaviors and characteristics for young children 2 to 6 years old.
Therapist Aid
Includes a host of free resources and worksheets to address a variety of social-emotional issues for children and adolescents.
Association for Positive Behavior Support
This site promotes research-based strategies for positive behavior supports.
Intervention Central
Provides free resources to help struggling learners, including resources for behavior intervention strategies.
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
This site offers materials that promote children's social and emotional development and aim to prevent challenging behaviors.
Emotions Color Wheel
Provides a visual map of various emotions. Click on each emotion word to see an associated picture and read a description of the feeling.
Comic Strip Creator
Utilize this interactive comic strip creator to address the ability to understand and predict the thoughts/feelings/opinions of others. Ask the student to predict what characters are thinking and what they should say as you create a comic strip together.
Problem Solving Scenarios
This list of tricky scenarios can be used to target development of problem solving and social skills with students.