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    Does someone at the school help the younger students to log on for their sessions, and how does the process work for virtual academy students? What has your experience been?

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    Typically, the therapist works with the school to establish a therapy schedule that works best for everyone. There is usually a staff member such as an aide, who helps to make sure the students log in for their sessions at the right time.

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    Students who are receiving services through a virtual academy (home school) log on right from their home. In that case, the parent or learning coach is there to facilitate the student logging in.

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    For students at a brick and mortar school, the staff can organize the login facilitation in a way that works best for them. Sometimes that means one person does all the login facilitation, or it can be divided up between various teachers and staff. Often times the students become quite independent, and very little facilitation may be needed.

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    I’ve worked at several Brick and Mortar schools and found that it’s best to have a quiet, physical space dedicated to Speech and OT services. The hands-on facilitator can log on at the start of everyday and stay logged on to reduce lost time in between sessions. They can even turn their camera off and mute the computer (rather than logging off) when they go to lunch to save themselves time. Many of my brick and mortar students received their services at home during COVID-19. I discovered that students as young as second grade were able to log themselves on for sessions (with a parent nearby to guide them).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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